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The largest manufacturer of riflestocks in Norway, GRS use only the best components, knowledge and creativity to produce the ultimate riflestocks.


Want to take your Rifle to the next level? Customise it with the best in ergonomically designed riflestocks.  Designed with a range of applications in mind, whether it be target shooting or the best in hunting practicality, check out a few of the options below.

GRS Berserk

The family rifle everyone used to harvest their first deer. Grandpa’s .22, the first rifle you ever shot. These are heirlooms that link us to treasured memories and traditions. Start a new tradition with the GRS Berserk. Now, your turn has come to create those memories. Versatile enough for all shooting- and shooters. Rugged enough to last a lifetime, no…rugged enough to become lore.


The grip has a six degree angle to the side to aid the shooter into an ergonomically correct position.  The comb and the recoil pad can be easily adjusted with pushbuttons - the SpeedLock system.

This unique system allows you to quickly adjust the length and height of the stock between shooting positions; no tools needed!  

 All stocks are provided with a 0.5” Limbsaver/GRS recoil pad

GRS Hunter Light

Perfect for long and light hunting expeditions, 25% lighter than our previous laminate models. It comes with a scaled down GRS signature grip and push-button cheek piece adjustment - all GRS goodness in one, simpler, lighter form.


 The stock is made from laminated wood, with a 1" Limbsaver recoil pad which dampens the recoil very well.  Flush cup slingmounts and quick detachable 3/4" sling loop included.

GRS Sporter

Truly an all rounder, and maybe our all-time best selling model. Ideal for prone shooting, where a slightly lowered and extra wide forend creates a steady grip for shooting off-hand. Equipped with the classic SpeedLock system, the ergonomic GRS grip, and a rear stock shaped to encourage the use of a rear bag.


The stock is made with the same quality components as the other stocks, and has the same Speedlock adjustments system. It is also made in the 6 standard GRS stock colours.