Ridgeline of NZ - Outdoor Performance Clothing

The Ridgeline philosophy has been consistent from the early beginnings until now - to ensure that comfortable, durable performance outdoor clothing should be affordable.  

With the characteristic Ridgeline 'Big Four'- Warmth, Comfort, Durability & Functionality, combined with superior designs and its own 'Hide & Seek' Buffalo Camo, Ridgeline is a market leader and the choice of many hunting and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The Ridgeline Range

Ridgeline offer a range of gear to fit your every need while hunting and hitting the New Zealand Outdoors.

Their clothing range features the following product lines:

  • Wet Weather Gear
  • Fleece Gear
  • Bags & Gear
  • Utility Gear
  • Multi Buy Clothing Packages
  • Town & Country Gear
  • Lightweight Gear

To find out more about the Ridgeline range of clothing, make sure you check out their website and Facebook page.